FOR SALE: Graaf Balderikstraat 119 (82m2, 340.000 k.k.)

Balcony of the appartment Frontside of the appartment


Balcony (965x170 / 15m2) and walkway

The balcony is very large and faces North; in the summer that is a big plus; this side of the house remains pleasantly cool. The green nets are intended to protect the (indoor) cats of the current owners. The cats are of a breed known as 'hypo-allergenic' (Devon Rex) but if it is desired that the cats stay elsewhere for viewings, that is no problem at all.

The part of the walkway on which the house is located is a dead end and is used by the owners to grow plants and flowers (this is officially not allowed, but no one has ever objected).

Furniture on the balcony that can be taken over if desired: