FOR SALE: Graaf Balderikstraat 119 (82m2, 340.000 k.k.)

hallway with portuguese tiles hallway with portuguese tiles hallway with portuguese tiles Toilet with retro 70's interior Toilet with retro 70's interior Modern bathroom Modern bathroom Modern bathroom


Hallway (12m2)

The hallway was fully tiled in 2019 with Portuguese-style tiles. The hallway is very spacious and offers options to expand bedrooms or the bathroom / to change the layout (the only load-bearing wall is the wall in the middle of the house that separates the living room from the hall and the hall from the hallway closet).

The utility closet is in the hallway, adjacent to the living room / kitchen. This means that a re-installation of central heating in the living room and kitchen connected to the city heating system would not be particularly drastic.

Furniture in the hallway that can be taken over if desired:

Toilet (116x84 / 1m2) & bathroom (227x158 / 3,6m2)

The toilet (aka: "the time machine to the 1970s") was equipped with a new toilet bowl and cistern in 2020. It comes with a handheld bidet. The double-baked floor tiles and square wall tiles are original. The wallpaper is truly vintage, as are the various accessories. Completing the vintage Brabantia toilet set including medicine cabinet took months of searching.

The bathroom was modernized in 2020 and equipped with a freestanding shower cabin. It is perfectly possible to make a built-in shower corner here if preferred. Spare wall tiles are also available.

The bathroom is small but pleasant. If so desired, more space could be created by placing the washing machine in the niche where the dishwasher is also located. Expanding the bathroom towards the hallway is also possible; plenty of space.