FOR SALE: Graaf Balderikstraat 119 (82m2, 340.000 k.k.)

Living room Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen Kitchen Living room Living room Living room


Living room (493x470 / 23,2m2) and kitchen (370x225 / 8,3m2)

The kitchen is located on the walkway side, is fitted with anthracite tiles of 60x60 and equipped with a catering style stainless steel modular kitchen. The owners intend to take this kitchen with them, unless the buyer would like to take it over (stove will be taken with them because this is partially self-built). There is a three-phase group for the stove connection, so a very powerful induction stove is possible (gassless home). A piece that originally belonged to the hallway has been added to the kitchen and here you'll find the dishwasher and a number of shelves for storage of supplies. Because this part originally belonged to the hallway, the mail slot is also located here (which rarely gets used because there is a mailbox for the house on the ground floor near the elevator).

The living room is adjacent to the very large (965x170) balcony and in the summer the door to the balcony is open 24/7.

Furniture in the living room/kitchen that can be taken over if desired: