FOR SALE: Graaf Balderikstraat 119 (82m2, € 340.000 k.k.)

The heliport appartment complex at night Frontside of the appartment at daytime Room in the appartment The heliport appartment complex at daytime


Want to live in one of the coolest apartment complexes in Rotterdam?

Just North of the center of Rotterdam lies the Heliport complex, a "village" in the middle of the city - 584 characteristic homes, built on what was once Rotterdam's heliport.

Properties in this complex are never for sale for long, and moving within the complex because people don't want to leave is not unusual. One of the owners of Graaf Balderikstraat 119 first lived at Gravin Adélastraat, and sold that house to people who were already Heliport residents, but who were looking for something a bit larger. Heliport has an active Facebook group in which residents organize cleanups, exchange things with each other, borrow tools from one another and organize neighborhood activities.

The house is located on the side of the Vriendenlaan, on the third floor, on a dead-end walkway that is only used by the two upstairs neighbours, so there is a lot of privacy. There are storage rooms under the house, so you'll have no neighbors below.

The train station, city center and public transport are all within easy reach, and yet the living here is peaceful.

One of the sellers is a very active board member (portfolio maintenance) of VvE Heliport III and can tell you everything about the building (and, if desired, give advice on possible renovations, sustainability improvements, etc.).

Because the current owners will be emigrating, part of the furniture can stay at the house if the buyer so desires. The plan of the owners is to bring along the modular (non-built-in) stainless steel kitchen, but if the buyer would like to have it, this is negotiable (with the exception of the stove, which is partially self-built and will therefore be brought along with them).

Need a parking space? The current residents rent a place in the garage for € 120 per month, which can be taken over at the same rent. A permit for parking on the street is also an option if there are no spaces for sale in the garage (there are hardly ever spaces for sale; board member Martin of the VvE can let you know what you need to send to the municipality for a permit to be awarded).